LockDown Easing Update

On Thursday August 13th 2020 – The UK Government updated their website with information on what can and can not open or happen.

Although there is some good news out there for most, but for the DJ industry, it’s another nail in the coffin. So what can and can’t we do in the mobile DJ industry and in the Nightclub DJ industry? In sort, NOTHING! it has remained unchanged since their last announcement on July 31st which can be found here.

What Does This Mean To Brides & Grooms For Weddings?

The major change are:

Wedding receptions of up to 30 people indoors for a sitting meal can now take place.

X DJ’s & Entertainment Can Not Be Part of The Reception. This is still restricted by the UK Government.

What Does This Mean For Nightclubs & Their DJs?

X Nightclubs, Dance Halls & Discotheques are among venues that MUST remain closed by law!

This means yet again out industry CAN NOT and MUST NOT perform by law.

We understand more than anyone this is another huge blow to our industry and to event companies and it will come as a huge upset / disapointment to brides and grooms that wish to have their first dance and celebrate with a fun packed night, at this stage we can not help to give you the night you desire.

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Wedding of Gareth & Lucia Pugh By Steve Oakley Entertainment At The Lion Quays Spa & Hotel.


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