What I Can And Can’t Do As A DJ In The UK

It’s been a confusing few months with announcements which has left DJs a little stumped. I can hardly blame you as the government have given a lot of conflicting messages and worded them in a way we would need to crack the code like the enigma. Well, this is where we come in and shed some light on what you can and can’t do as a DJ!


What Can I Do In England?

The Venue MUST Be A Covid Safe Venue for you to be able to perform.

Perform in Pubs And BarsMusic has to be at background level. This must be at a level that won’t make normal conversation difficult and doesn’t make people raise their voices. In addition social distancing measures MUST be in place!

Host Quiz Nights Hosting quiz nights is allowed as long as there are people seated and not moving around. The same rule applied for background music as mentioned above.

Wedding ReceptionsProviding a wedding reception music is permitted within a Covid Safe Venue. Music must NOT make conversation difficult where people have to raise their voices. The wedding reception is for 30 people or less and you as a DJ must be accounted for within the 30 people rule.


What I Can’t Do In England?

X House Parties, Illegal Raves, Karaoke, Garden Parties, No Dance Floors or Singing Permitted – Dance Floors Must Be Covered.

Nightclubs, dance halls, and discotheques MUST remain closed!

These are dependant on individual councils, Please check with your council to check if to see the red restrictions can take place in your area. This is council specific and you must have a valid Risk Assessment and Method Statement that covers Covid Compliance and a Covid Secure Venue which must be approved by the council. Please seek guidance on localised lock-downs.

See Legislation Guides For England Here.


What Can I Do In Wales?

Hosting A Quiz Night – Hosting quiz nights is allowed as long as there are people seated and not moving around. The same rule applied for background music as mentioned above.


What Can’t I Do In Wales?

Nightclubs and other dance venues – Nightclubs are considered to be “venues where live or recorded music is provided for members of the public or members of the venue to dance”. Any nightclub that did not meet this definition would be allowed to open.

See Legislation Guides For Wales Here.


What Can I Do In Scotland?


Live entertainment in hospitality venues is not permitted under the guidance and should not be taking place. There should be no background music and tvs should be muted, to prevent raised voices or shouting.

Indoor events are not currently permitted. Government guidance for hospitality says people should avoid singing, shouting and raising voices.  This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission from aerosol and droplets.

See Legislation Guides For Scotland Here.


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