We are all volunteers and a non profit organisation based around professionals which actively serve in the DJ & Entertainment industry. Each of our co-founders have a minimum of 20 years experience in DJing and events.

We have formed this organisation to help keep your DJ business moving forward! Our members have access to vital resources which will help aid them throughout their DJ career and help them stand out from other DJs / DJ Companies. We have industry professionals & experts from all over the UK to help ensure you get the support you need, when you need it!

The Association of UK DJs (AUKDJ) allows venues to check if they are an accredited DJ or DJ company. Over 40 venues have enlisted with us which now means that they will only accept accredited DJ’s that bare our accreditation logo along with their member number. This can be checked by entering their accreditation number in to the search bar on our site. It will be clear if they are an accredited DJ or DJ company as you will either see a tick with their name and company or an X if their membership has expired or they are no longer accredited.

AUKDJS are here to help guide, advise and get your voices heard. Our tools and knowledge gives you everything you need to be legal, safe and professional.

Having the AUKDJ roll out and along with elearning, diploma, a network with 1000 plus members for support, support from the top UK companies to ask questions instantly and having regular meetings about new technology and live demo’s from DJ retail companies, we stand out from our competitors and we are here to make a change within the industry.

With amazing companies like Get In The Mix, Why Buy New, CDPool, DJ Event Planner, HereForMusic, GoboPlus.com working with us, we also make sure you are getting the best possible deal and discount through our membership options.

Our accredited DJ scheme through The Assosiation of UK DJ’s is supported by over 40 venues. This ensures no unvetted DJ will work at the venues that support our accreditation.

#LetUsDance is a huge campaign supported by huge celebrity artists and companies right across the UK. The Night Time Industry Association along with UK Event Association has really picked up momentum and we are continuing support for this great campaign.

We are not asking to open the clubs and venues again, We want to the government to hear our voice for our industry and give the help and financial aid they have given all other companies and to present a clear road map to how we can return safely as we are all in limbo. To find out more, click or tap the #LETUSPLAY Menu.  



Steve has served as an active DJ for over 22 years. Based in North Wales, Steve has built a solid reputation within the DJ industry & Events. Owning 5 DJ / Entertainment companies, Steve has in-depth knowledge on the business side of the profession along with active working knowledge of the DJ side too. Steve assists other DJ businesses develop their company and helps them grow. Steve has won 11 UK based DJ awards, a European awards and 1 international award for his DJ & entertainment work.
Steve is a well known DJ, Club, Festival DJ and a producer, he is very is down to earth, fun and friendly which is the right balance to ensure people have a great night, perfect service and dedicated help.



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