Mental Health

Looking After Your Mental Health.

Association of UK DJs have asked our valued members at
DJ & Event NETWORK to use one word to describe how they are feeling at this current time. We know these times have been one of the most difficult times we have ever faced and we want you to know we are here for you. Our campaign is making waves and more and more people are getting on board and huge companies, celebrities and local heroes too but we want to run this along side our current campaign.
We want to ask #HowAreYou, just by asking these three words can have a huge impact on a person you may not know is going though rough, dark and troubled times. Remember #YouAreNotAlone, we are here even just for a chat. We are not trained in this field but we may be able to direct you to the place you need to get information, help or support about your business, legalities, Well-being and mental health.
We care about their well-being, mental health and helping their business in the DJ & Event Industry. We are concerned on how the restrictions and the lockdown have affected them and how they are feeling. We want to help and we are helping our members who reach out to us. There is no shame in mental health, it affects each and every one of us differently and has different effects. No two people are the same, we highly recommend Mind who are there to help and support you and your well-being, wheather you need help, advice or you are in a crisis. They can also help in your workplace too, plus if you want to get involved in fundraising, you can do that too.
Get the help and support you need
Don’t keep it locked in, talk to us.
We’re here for you,
Association of UK DJs.


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